Friday, 30 October 2015

A new home!

After 3 years in Denver we have finally bought a house! We have been moved in for 3 weeks now and have almost gotten it organized just how we would like it.

The home office:

We need a blind for the window and there are just a few tubs of stuff that needs non-urgent sorting before packing away!
 The spare main floor bedroom:

Again it needs a blind!

 The master bedroom:

We bought a new king size bed frame, but haven't picked a mattress yet, so our old queen size is on it! That'll be an early December task along with some wall decor with personality!
 The living room:

We've picked a couch but haven't ordered it yet. And we need another blind in here too.

The dining area end of our living room:

The kitchen/meals area:

Finally a fun space for my vintage Pyrex collection! A great sunny bright room, but it does need a blind before summer.

We love our new home, it is perfect for us and Ebony and Henry love their yard too!

My basement sewing room isn't quite organized yet:

But we did get the downstairs bedroom ready in time for our eldest TJ to visit, he arrived 2 days ago!