Saturday, 31 August 2013

Aussie Visitors!

Our first lot of Aussie visitors arrive this afternoon. Matt's parents Rosie and Pete are with us for a month. They come bearing goodies such as BBQ shapes, & chicken crimpy biscuits, iced vovos, a cherry ripe even yum! We have lots of hiking and cycling planned during their visit but are planning a slow start to help them acclimatise to the 12+hr time difference and the altitude here in Denver. Brett is also home from college for the weekend, for the first time, so our little 3 bedroom apartment is about as full as I'd ever want to see it, but that is a nice change.

We spent the afternoon looking at old photos today and found some real gems I just have to share:

The day Brett was born this was taken on the balcony of the birthing suite at King Edward Mem. Hosp!

Matt and I the evening of our first date!

Matt hard at work in the lab LOL, love those glasses!

My mum and dad Gordon and Daphne in their youth!

My big bro Dean and I in our high school uniforms with his VW beetle in the background!

So a busy couple of weeks ahead hitting all the tourist hot spots here in Denver and the Rocky Mountains with visitors and reminiscing about life in Aus...

Monday, 12 August 2013

Traveling home to Denver Day 1

We drove from SLC to Grand Junction today, we left SLC at 8.30am and arrived in GJ at 6pm. LONG DAY!
Lots of long straight roads

Arches National Park near Moab Utah

Brett in Arches NP

Brett at the arch we hiked a couple of miles to see

Me under the arch

It is fairly warm so I needed a sit before hiking back to the car

Brett on the hike back

Brett in front of the largest arch

Took off my pretty top and hiked in my singlet top cos it was sooooo hot!

The view on the drive down
 Then we took the longer more scenic route back to I70, through a gorgeous canyon (the pics don't do it justice).

Once we got through the canyon we had 10 miles of absolute desolate lands though!!!

Cisco Utah is pretty much a ghost town, not sure why it gets a dot on the map even!

Now I am relaxing in the motel in Grand Junction before the final leg of the drive home tomorrow. Can't wait to see Matt & the dogs :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day two in SLC Utah

It was our 2nd full day here so we had a very busy day.
  1. We saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform at the LDS conference centre which seats 21000 people:

2. We went to the Mormon History Museum:

Then we wandered back through Temple Square:
A scale model showing the inside of the temple

3. We toured the inside of Brigham Young's Beehive House:

Hundreds of volunteers care for the gardens

 But the best part of our day was...
4. We went to Antelope Island State Park to check out the actual salt lake:

 There is a 7 mile road/bridge built through the lake to the island!

Matt would love cycling here, so I am sure we will be back with the bikes some time:

This short hill is a 23% gradient

There are bison roaming around

And the occasional storm to whip up all that salt!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I have developed a drive-thru phobia :O

The other day Brett and I drove down to McDonalds to pick up Brett's last paycheck, whilst he went in to get it I said i would drive through and get us ice creams cos it was a hot day. Brett said "I have a coupon to get mine free." And I almost died, it is hard enough to get your order understood with an Aussie accent and a basic order let alone if you want to do something slightly out of the ordinary!! I sometimes forget I have an accent, then the drive-thru attendants remind me. It is not unusual for me to be yelling into the microphone in monosyllables to be understood LOL. It wasn't until Brett asked me to use his coupon that I realized how stressful going through a drive-thru has become now that I have an accent. I can see the future headlines:

"Denver woman dies of a heartattack at drive-thru microphone"

Sunday, 4 August 2013

8 mths

8 months after arriving in Denver Brett finally had to unpack his belongings yesterday, so he could organize his room, ready to move to his college dorm in Boulder in less than 3 weeks time:

 We can't believe he actually had stuff still wrapped in movers butchers paper! Then he needed ice cream to recover from the effort:

Some more fun finds in American shops:

HUGE pepsi 750mls may be going overboard for 1 can!

Who eats pomegranate and white cheddar chips?
 Matt thought quilting magazines were boring, there is something worse:

 Even Tic Tac packets are huge here:

 My M & Ms were extremely disappointing this week, this is just one handful, but all the others were similar. I discovered that the different colors do taste different because when you get a packet that is predominantly green they taste like moose droppings:

 Back to school specials are out in the shops atm, this is an example 100 sheets of binder paper for 1c:

 When leaving Walmart never be surprised if the lady packing her car with groceries is wearing her PJs. Seriously this is fairly commonplace:

This is Ikea on Saturday morning at about 11am , NO CUSTOMERS, eat your heart out Perth shoppers:)
 One of our favorite things about Denver atm though is the weather, it is warm in the mornings but almost every afternoon we get a thunderstorm to cool things off, we hardly ever use the air-con, it is wonderful!