Friday, 30 October 2015

A new home!

After 3 years in Denver we have finally bought a house! We have been moved in for 3 weeks now and have almost gotten it organized just how we would like it.

The home office:

We need a blind for the window and there are just a few tubs of stuff that needs non-urgent sorting before packing away!
 The spare main floor bedroom:

Again it needs a blind!

 The master bedroom:

We bought a new king size bed frame, but haven't picked a mattress yet, so our old queen size is on it! That'll be an early December task along with some wall decor with personality!
 The living room:

We've picked a couch but haven't ordered it yet. And we need another blind in here too.

The dining area end of our living room:

The kitchen/meals area:

Finally a fun space for my vintage Pyrex collection! A great sunny bright room, but it does need a blind before summer.

We love our new home, it is perfect for us and Ebony and Henry love their yard too!

My basement sewing room isn't quite organized yet:

But we did get the downstairs bedroom ready in time for our eldest TJ to visit, he arrived 2 days ago!

Monday, 31 August 2015

2015 Epic Road Trip is Done!

4354 miles (7007km) travelled!
We were lucky enough for the first 3 days to have our son with us. He came as far as Chicago then flew back to start college.

There were seemingly endless roads:

A flat tire to get repaired:

First we headed up through Wyoming to get to South Dakota. Where we saw Mt Rushmore:

Sturgis and 'The Knuckle Saloon'

The Crazy Horse Memorial:

And we kind of saw Mt Rushmore on a gloomy afternoon:

We stayed the night in Deadwood:

Then we were lucky enough to get a fine sunny morning to revisit Rushmore:

We passed a lot of farmland along the way and saw; corn, soya beans, sunflowers, tobacco, vegetables and sorghum. And lots of it!

We then spent a night in Rochester Minnesota before driving on to Wisconson:

Wisconsin is where the antiquing began:

We also found the cycling capital of the US:

Then we spent a couple of nights in Chicago where Brett had his passport interview at the Aussie consular office. After Illinois we went through Indiana and Michigan before crossing the border into Canada and driving through Ontario to Toronto.
In Toronto when Matt wasn't busy with the conference he attended, we had dinner at the CN Tower 360 degree rotating restaurant:

And explored the PATH network

When we left Toronto we headed to Niagara Falls:

Then spent the remaining 4 days antiquing our way through NY state, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas.

It was an awesome trip but boy are we glad to be home and our pooches were extremely happy to see us after 2 weeks of doggie camp.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Another Epic Road Trip to Canada

This year's Epic Road Trip - from Denver to Toronto! It's halfway done. I.E I'm laying in my Toronto hotel bed as I write this so we still have the return drive to do! We drove here via Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota,  Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. We saw lots of crops as we crossed the Midwest and Ontario including;  corn, soya beans, sunflowers, tobacco, lucerne and even some vegetable crops like squash etc.  Miles and miles and miles of that to cross is a bit boring to say the least so we stopped in at Mount Rushmore.

Our first attempt wasn't successful:

So we returned the next morning:

 We also went to Crazy Horse

And we got a flat repaired in Rapid City:

But there were still a lot of crops between us and Toronto...

We stayed a couple of nights in Chicago where we caught the train into downtown to go to the Aussie consulate and check out Navy Pier where we rode a Ferris wheel.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Another Aussie in our midst!

Our latest visit from Oz is our 22yr old son Benjamin.

We took him to Washington DC and Charlotte North Carolina

In DC we saw the White House:

The war memorials:

The Presidential Memorials and the MLK memorial:

And we went to some museums, the National Building Museum had a massive ball pit!

Yes Ben temporarily lost his shoe!

So pleased to be back on 'dry' land
But the best museum was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport in Virginia:

Yes they had the actual space shuttle discovery on display!!!!

And we even saw an official motorcade entering the White House gates!

So I think Ben got a great introduction to the Eastern side of America, we can't wait to explore it more!